Catechism Collection


Catechism Collection


The Catechism Collection comprises catechetical materials published before 1960, including texts intended for adults and children. The collection is strongest in English-language materials published in the United States, although there are also works in German, Italian, and Chinese.

Collection Items

1942 Catechism
Designated to be used nationally, this catechism for Catholic parochial schools was published in 1942. It begins the text with that famous question “Who made us?”

Baltimore Catechism
The most famous of Catechisms, the Baltimore edition, was used in most parochial schools in the United States in the 1930′s-1960′s, and had a great influence on the faith of millions of children.

Translated Catechism
This early edition of the catechism is translated into English from an Italian work approved by the Holy Father. Intended for children to ready them for Holy Communion, this work lacks scripture quotations because “the Church is the Divine Teacher…
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