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Front: Madonna and child. Mary is holding Christ in her left hand, and a devotional scapular in her right.

Back: A Scapular Prayer

This early edition of the catechism is translated into English from an Italian work approved by the Holy Father. Intended for children to ready them for Holy Communion, this work lacks scripture quotations because “the Church is the Divine Teacher…


The most famous of Catechisms, the Baltimore edition, was used in most parochial schools in the United States in the 1930′s-1960′s, and had a great influence on the faith of millions of children.

Designated to be used nationally, this catechism for Catholic parochial schools was published in 1942. It begins the text with that famous question “Who made us?”


The Forty Hours devotion originated with the veneration of the Blessed Sacrament in the Sepulchre from Holy Thursday to Easter Sunday. These beautiful pages are from the Catholic Family Book of Novenas, printed in 1956.

The original Key of Heaven prayerbook has been attributed to St. Alphonsus Liguori. There have been numerous versions since and it is still published in many languages. This Italian edition dates from 1944.

This manual of prayers and meditations was printed in 1888 for the Arch-Confraternity of the Servants of the Holy Ghost- an association founded in London in 1877 and approved by Pope Leo XIII the following year.

Here is a portrait of Monsignor James P. Turner painted by Thomas Eakins. Eakins enjoyed a long and happy relationship with Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary. He is said to have bicycled out to the Seminary’s campus at Overbrook on Sunday afternoons to…

This Spanish language instruction to priests was published in 1746, and is part of the Ryan Rare Book Collection.

Published in 1910, this German-English Reader was used in Catholic schools to teach the German Script to students. The front piece is of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, patron saint of teenagers, who received his First Holy Communion from Saint Charles…
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